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Riciclo materiali elettronici

Ricambi Ricondizionati

Ricambi Ricondizionati, translated Refurbished Spare, recovers electronic and electrical goods and materials that would otherwise be wasted, restoring new and long life to the products and boosting the supply chain of Service Centers. The positive contribution in terms of environmental impact is inevitable.

We offer at extremely affordable prices, TV spare parts, electronic spare parts, spare parts for mechanical parts of washing machines, ovens and household appliances, through the recovery and reconditioning of electrical equipment, electronic parts and / or components contained therein.
This initiative, in addition to allowing the survival of the "after-sales" sector, which has been in crisis for some time, makes it possible and cost-effective to repair equipment by the end user.
Our orientation is that which today is defined as "eco-sustainable", we apply it starting from the recovery process up to the use of recycled packaging, it refers to the latest EU regulations regarding choices and decisions regarding the whole community international that now recognizes in the "reconditioning or refurbishing" a leading and indispensable role in the panorama of initiatives that look at progress taking into account the safeguarding of the planet.