• Appliances spare parts

    Appliances spare parts

    New and refurbished spare parts for small and large household appliances: washing machines, ovens, refrigerators and much more

  • Spare parts for TV and accessories

    Spare parts for TV and accessories

    The replacement electronic cards for your TV are here waiting for you, look for yours in our catalog and buy the new one at half price.

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    Repairers Price Lists

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Household appliances refurbished spare parts

We regain small and large household appliances from the large-scale distribution market.

After careful evaluation by our technicians, we decide to restore them to the same conditions as new or to disassemble them to obtain spare parts.

We supply the after-sales service and repair of the small and large appliances.

We offer at extremely affordable prices spare parts for TV, spare parts for washing machines, spare parts for dryers, spare parts for washer-dryers, spare parts for dishwashers, spare parts for ovens, spare parts for refrigerators, spare parts for espresso coffee machines, pc partsprinter partsprojector parts.