Repairer Pricelist

Are you a repairer? You are our favorite customer!
Because you know your job and do not improvise "creative" solutions, you know how to intervene in the repair of an appliance, you know the problems and you speak our own language.
To make you understand how important these values ​​are for us and our company, we have decided to reward you with a dedicated price list discounted by 20% compared to the public price list.
You got it right! 20% discount on our already very affordable prices.
In this way our prices become unbeatable, even compared to large spare parts retailers.

How do you access the Repairers list?
We want to be sure that you are a repairer and that's why we don't need a simple VAT number, but we ask you to buy our "Repair Card". The cost of the card is to be intended as a deposit and € 10.00 (excl. tax) of practice fees, you will be credited for your future purchases with the exception of shipping costs, which will have to be paid separately each time you will place an order.

An example?
Comparison between public price list and repairer price list (including VAT prices)

ListinoPublicRepairer - 20%
Product Name
Scheda CL Timer 162003337.00Scheda CL Timer 162003337.00
ImageScheda CL Timer 162003337.00 30413629 488000345413 INDESIT: LI70 FF 1W/1X Originale NuovoScheda CL Timer 162003337.00 30413629 488000345413 INDESIT: LI70 FF 1W/1X Originale Nuovo
Price45,00 €36,00 €
EU Shipping
Total65,00 €36,00 € (escalated from credit) + 20,00 € (shipping)
Saving0 €9,00 €
Total to pay
65,00 €20,00 €

As you can see from the comparison in the example above, with the first order you have already recovered the cost of joining the Repairers Price List of 10.00 €.

Is that clear? So what are you waiting for?
Register now your company to our Repeirers Price List, you will receive your code to be included in the order page under the heading VOUCHERS to scale your credit.

If you have any questions write to us from our contact form

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